A distinctive feature of The Aquitaine coastline

Mainly known for its rare dimensions, the Pilat Dune is also famous for the beauty and diversity of its natural environment.

It is located at the entrance of the Arcachon Bay in La Teste de Buch municipality, in Gironde.
It belongs to the coastal dunes of Aquitaine and is to date the only dune which is constantly moving. It moves to the east between the ocean and the forest from 1 to 5 meters a year under the influence of prevailing winds and tides gradually covering the adjoining forest. It consists of about 55 million cubic meters of sand and is 100 to 115 meters high, depending on the year.

Current measurements :

- 2. 9 km long
- 616 m wide 
- 110 m high  

The dune has an asymmetrical shape. The windward side on the west is gently sloping. The sand carried by the wind goes up the slope and once at the top drops forming the steep slope on the forest side coming to rest in a state of unstable equilibrium.

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A distinctive feature of The Aquitaine coastline