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If you are a travel agent, a coach driver, a group leader or a seminar organiser, do not hesitate to contact the Pilat dune Grand Site professional guides. An outing full of discoveries...

Visites à la carte

With a professional guide


They will take you on a journey in time from prehistory to the present day through the story of this unspoiled sand mountain. A journey full of discoveries awaits you...

Duration : 1 hour

Place : Reception area

Tariff : €70  for 25 people


To check the availability of authorised  Grand Site guides, and to get a quote, please contact them directly.

<a data-cke-saved-href="/" href="" title="Sandrine Bouc <br /> Guide Interprète National <br /> (français, anglais, allemand, italien)<br /> 05 57 52 33 10 / 06 10 84 89 35<br /> sandrine.bouc@orange.fr " "=""> Sandrine BOUC <br />   Guide Interprète National <br />  (français, anglais, allemand, italien)<br />  05 57 52 33 10 / 06 10 84 89 35<br />  sandrine.bouc@orange.fr      /> Animatrice des outils d’information et de médiation <br />05 56 22 12 85 <br /> information@ladunedupilat.com " /> Christel SANTURENNE<br />  Guide Interprète National <br />(français, anglais, espagnol)<br />  06 10 55 16 29<br />  christel.santurenne@laposte.net Marilyne FEUERSTEIN - VEREZ<br />Guide Conférencier  (allemand - portugais)<br />06 84 74 44 85<br />marifeuer@hotmail.com Myriam MADEC <br />Guide Conférencière  </br>(Français - Anglais - Espagnol)<br />06 80 43 96 78<br />myramixa@aol.com Valérie Sutra <br> Guide conférencière français, anglais et espagnol, <br />06 62 89 36 25 <br> lanecdote@icloud.com
  • Jean Lannes - Guide touristique<br/>
  • Sandrine Bouc
  • Christel Santurenne
  • marilyne feuerstein
  • Myriam Madec
  • Valerie Sutra

Self-guided visits
You can visit the dune and the exhibition on your own. 
Spend a pleasant day hiking on the crest of the dune… make a detour to the beach… anything is possible !

At the north of the dune, the Corniche beach is monitored from 11am to 7pm from July 1st to August 31st.

A brochure to help your visit is available at the Idune reception and tourist information desk. 

Duration : As long as you wish
Meeting at the Idune reception and information desk

Interpretive nature trail

This trail allows you to see the Grand Site in another light and immerses you in the forest’s ecosystem. The walk from the car park to the dune allows you to fully appreciate the surrounding nature.

Be guided by the various desks dotted along the trail showing the flora and fauna of the forest ; essential components of the Pilat Dune Grand Site.

Go to the brochure by clicking here.

Independent everyday access activity


  For any further information, please contact us on 05 56 22 12 85
or by email at information@ladunedupilat.com

The car park is charged for all coaches (except for school buses) :
  • 4 hours package : 8 € in high season and €2 low season
  • "Day" package : (7pm to 2am) : €10 in high season and €4 in low season
  "High season" rates apply from April 1st to September 30th, and during the February and All Saints holidays.

  "Low season" refers to the remainder of the year outside of those dates.
  The first 30 minutes in the car park are free.
By paying, you contribute to the conservation of this classified site which also gives you access to the dune.

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