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Let children discover the recreation centres and the secrets of the Pilat Dune Grand Site ! We offer free entertainment from April to September.

Educational workshop : " Behind the scenes of the Pilat Dune "

Once upon a time the tallest dune in Europe, and an old bottle-shaped pine couldn't wait to give up their secrets. While opening these memory boxes one by one, you find the keys to discovering the Pilat dune Grand Site !

The children are invited to dress up, perform, and immerse themselves in the universe of the Pilat dune Grand Site. Not only will they get in touch with the landscape, fauna and flora, but also find out about the formation of the most visited site in Aquitaine. The objective is to address a variety of issues related to the Grand Sites, such as landscape preservation and the connection between the land and its inhabitants. This workshop is conducted by our representatives. They could accompany you to the top of the dune for a 'landscape reading', depending on their availability.

Duration : Approximately 1 hour
From 3 years old 
Meeting at the Idune reception and information desk

Educational purposes :    
● to use of a precise and appropriate vocabulary
● to find out about cultural aspects of today and yesterday, from here and elsewhere
● to discover the living world, and those who live 
● to observe the importance of biodiversity
● to observe geographic realities, both locally and globally

Grand Site open-air exhibition and guided tours

A permanent exhibition "The Hidden Face of the Dune".
When and how did the dune form ? How does it evolve ? What life does it support ?
This playful and original exhibition reveals the secrets of the dune.

"Discovering the dune" Our guides will tell you the story of this preserved mountain of sand : its formation, evolution, landscape, protection and management, etc.
An interactive guided visit will unravel the secrets of the Pilat dune !
Duration : Approximately 1 hour and half
From 10 years old
Meeting at the Idune reception and information desk

Interpretive nature trail

This trail allows you to see the Grand Site in another light and immerses you in the forest’s ecosystem. The walk from the car park to the dune allows you to fully appreciate the surrounding nature.

Be guided by the various desks dotted along the trail showing the flora and fauna of the forest ; essential components of the Pilat Dune Grand Site.

Go to the brochure by clicking here.

Independent everyday access activity

Self-guided visit

You can visit the dune and the exhibition on your own.
Spend a pleasant day hiking on the crest of the dune… make a detour to the beach… anything is possible !

At the north of the dune, the Corniche beach is monitored from 11am to 7pm from July 1st to August 31st.

 Call 05 56 22 81 22 or send an e-mail to  information@ladunedupilat.com
 The first 30 minutes in the car park are free.
 By paying, you contribute to the conservation of this classified site which
 also gives you access to the dune.


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