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Come and unravel these exceptional Grand Site secrets with your family !
animations Free events and visits await you throughout the summertime…

Guided walks of the Grand Site


Duration:  1hour

● En journée (without booking)
11am every Sunday from April to June  

● On sunset (without booking)
At dusk, with our guide, watch a magical and ephemeral show of constantly changing colours.

8pm every Friday in June
8pm every Monday and Thursday in July and August
7pm every Friday in September 

Guided hikes on the Pilat Dune and Arguin sandbank

Duration : 1 day
Registration required
Enjoy a whole day hiking and discovering the Pilat dune and the Arguin sandbank. Don't forget your picnic, and make sure you are in excellent physical condition. 
TARIFFS  - The boat trip is the responsibility of the participants : credit cards are not accepted. 
  • Adults (from 12 yrs) : €8.50 return
  • Children (4-12 yrs) : €6 return
  • Toddlers (0-3 yrs) : €3 return
Every Wednesday in July and August and on 2017 Heritage days 

Interpretive nature trail

This trail allows you to see the Grand Site in another light and immerses you in the forest’s ecosystem. The walk from the car park to the dune allows you to fully appreciate the surrounding nature.

Be guided by the various desks dotted along the trail showing the flora and fauna of the forest ; essential components of the Pilat Dune Grand Site.

Go to the brochure by clicking here.

Independent everyday access activity


Viewing reception point with telescope


Duration : 1 hour

This reception point on the crest of the dune is manned by one of our nature guides with a telescope, enabling visitors to view and get information on the many features of the landscape.

It is available all year depending on the weather.


Permanent exhibition: "The hidden face of the dune"


During your visit, do not miss our permanent exhibition, "The hidden face of the dune", which retraces the dune's evolution and its hidden treasures filled with history. 

Independent all year round activity

Nature Feast in May 2017


Many free events are proposed throughout the 5 days on the occasion of the Celebration of Nature.
On the programme : children's workshops, games and Grand Site guided tours

Tell me about the dune

Duration : 30-45 minutes, depending on the public  
Through the "Tell me the dune" workshop, the different facets of the dune and forest can be looked at in a fun way, as well as in an imaginary and delightful dimension. The dune's characteristics, landscape, fauna, flora, the inhabitants and their activities are discussed with the children.

This is a spontaneous event taking place on demand, depending on the weather. 

It happens from April to September and is adapted to all ages. 

The grain of the dune


Duration : 15-60 minutes, depending on the public 
The grain of the dune activity allows children to study more closely the sand origin and composition among other things. This activity is declined in several sequences that will appeal to young and older ones.

This spontaneous event is set up on demand and according to the weather. 

For 6-12 yrs from April to September.

50 minutes to 1 hour

Duration : 50 minutes to 1 hour
The treasure hunt aims to bring to light the whole of the Grand Site emblematic locations, such as the dune and forest exhibition, interpretative trail, and the dune itself, by solving the various clues to finally discover its treasure. 

Independent activity 

For 6-12 yrs, all year round

The goose game

This event is spontaneous and set up on demand depending on the weather.

This life-size goose game takes place on the Idune terrace (reception and information area). Playing this traditional dune-themed game enables children to learn more through solving riddles and mini quizzes. 

From April to September, up to 12 yrs

Card game


Duration : From 10 to 30 minutes according to the public
The card game, led by a nature facilitator, sharpens children's knowledge of the Pilat dune's current fauna and flora, using numerous riddles and quizzes.

This is a spontaneous event and set upon demand depending on the weather.

  The meeting takes place at the Idune tourist
  reception and information desk.

  Call 05 56 22 12 85  or send an e-mail :