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Afficher Les découvertes nature du bassin d'Arcachon - Val de l'Eyre sur une carte plus grande

Nature escapades around the dune

Natural, authentic and well protected.

Nature escapades around the dune
Discover the 16 treasures of the Arcachon-Val de L'Eyre Bay..

Like the Pilat dune, these sites are open to you despite being fragile.

The managers are committed to ecotourism to protect and enhance our natural heritage. You will see the fauna and wild flora, and contemplate the beauty of these preserved landscapes at the heart of nature. Enjoy it with family or with those who ensure its conservation. The entire bay's beauty is gathered in this booklet : take a look now !

Find out about all the natural getaways on your Smartphone by downloading the free "Bassin d'Arcachon" app. See "Se divertir".

Discover them on video:

Retrouvez toutes les escapades nature sur votre Smartphone en téléchargeant gratuitement l’application « Bassin d’Arcachon ». Consultez la rubrique « Se divertir ».
Nature escapades around the dune

Some trips to do with family or friends in the Arcachon Bay :

● Tapping demonstration with Christian in Lanton. Let us tell you the history of the pine forest and resin harvesting.

● Walk along the banks of the River Leyre, a 5 km stroll accompanied by Jean, an Arcachon Bay enthusiast. This visit is offered the Tourist Offices of both Le Teich and the "Coeur du Bassin".

● The "Vasement bien" walk around the Certes / Graveyron Domains. A "wet-feet" adventure taking you along the channel of two classified estates with unprecedented views.

You can find all dates for the visits on  www.tourisme-coeurdubassin.com.
or call  au 05 57 70 67 56 for more information.
Nature escapades around the dune

Nature escapades around the dune