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Numerous projects in perspective ...

With 2 million visitors, the fragile and vulnerable Pilat dune is the most frequented natural site in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Numerous projects in perspective ...
This is why the Syndicat Mixte is conducting a vast sustainable development project and long-term management plan within the Operation Grand Site framework.

Operation Grand Site is a policy tool for a state subsidy approach to local authorities in response to the challenges posed by welcoming such numbers and maintaining such frequently visited classified sites. 

The Pilat dune Grand Site is a true general interest project that will restore to this iconic site its cultural, economic and topographic standing, making it a focal point of natural spaces and centers of interest in the region.

The 5 main objectives of Operation Grand Site :

The objectives of Operation Grand Site are manifested through these actions : implementing land acquisition, improving the public reception system, creating educational activities, and developing communication tools.

Numerous projects in perspective ...