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You are a scientist, an academic… and the Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat is one of your study subjects.

We bring together dune and forest massif specialists (archaeologists, geologists, botanists, academics ...) and, with the support of our Scientific Committee, we try to identify all the data of the Grand Site (research, memories, studies ...) and to bring them to the attention of visitors.

Cultural and scientific development is indeed a major focus of the conservation and sustainable management programme of the dune.  This exhaustive and comprehensive census enables us to consider all aspects of the Grand Site (scientific, historical, artistic, ethnological, geographical, sociological, across humanities and social sciences, and biological in a broad sense).  Our goal is to have a true resource centre in order to present and promote the work of the scientific community.

We have connections with universities, welcome students and promote their teachers' research work (Ensegid Bordeaux, IPGP Paris, etc.). 

  Your data interests us, so please do not hesitate to contact the Syndicat  
  Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat and share your knowledge, degrees,
  photographs, old postcards etc.

  In return, if you would like to consult our available information, please e-
  mail us now at : missionculture@ladunedupilat.com




A book on the Grand Pilat Dune and its mysteries ...


We actively support the work of the academic and scientific community, for example as in the book published by SUD OUEST, written by the geomorphologist Jean-Marie Froidefond. After many years of research, this geologist, oceanographer and former CNRS and CNEXO researcher, finally cracked the "Mysteries of the highest dune in Europe ".

«How was the highest dune in Europe formed? Why does it move back several meters every year? What are the latest findings? Jean-Marie Froidefond teaches us how to look at the dune from a different perspective, to understand it better and participate in its conservation».
BOOK FOR SALE €5.60 at the Idune
(Dune desk reception and tourist information area) 40 pages.