The Pilat dune land control

Sustainable protection for a space accessible to all

The Pilat dune land control

A mosaic of land : Classified in 1994, the Pilat dune site is located in La Teste de Buch commune.

After initiating an acquisition policy in 1998, the coastline Authority now owns 100 hectares of the 506 hectares constituting the Grand Site, and the Gironde district more than 30 hectares of the Sensitive Natural Areas (ENS).
A fact largely ignored is that 60% of this natural monument is private property !
This is why the Coastline Authority, in collaboration with the Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat, is undertaking a series of actions favouring the public re-appropriation of this unique space.

  Why do we need to acquire the land ?
  ● to guaranty the preservation of public space
  ● to ensure access to future generations
  ● to protect the Grand Site in a definitive manner
  ● to keep the natural and wild spirit of the place
  ● to control the practices and activities taking place there

The Pilat dune land control

The example of "La Palombière » :

One of the events that marked an important step in the land acquisition process was the demolition of the coffee shop "La Palombière" on Tuesday, July 2nd 2013.

Once located at the foot of the Pilat dune, level with the main entrance and fully visible from the summit, this prefabricated building with its large terrace has now been replaced by nature.


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