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The Sensitive Natural Areas of the Gironde

If you enjoyed the Pilat Dune, this Sensitive Natural Area in Gironde, there is much more to be seen.

There is so much richness to be discovered in the Gironde,  and many ways of doing it.
If you still have a little time, let yourself be seduced by this region's many assets.
You can visit them alone or with family, on a free or guided visit, or during «Nature» and cultural events, as you wish.

What is a Sensitive Natural Area?

● a protected and classified site 
● a place open to the public so that everyone can discover and enjoy its exceptional character

For several years, the Gironde General Council has been actively pursuing, with its partners, such as the Coastal Conservation Authority, a dynamic policy to preserve and enhance the Sensitive Natural Areas.

Discover them on video:

Look at the brochure to find out about the 80 protected sites and the visits offered : 

The Sensitive Natural Areas of the Gironde