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The management of the Grand Site

Aware of the many challenges involved in preserving the Grand Site with its large number of visitors, local authorities have committed to a sustainable management approach.

The Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat, created in December 2007, is a public administrative body that comprises three local authorities : the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Council, the Gironde District Council and La Teste-de-Buch Commune.

The Syndicat Mixte is chaired by Nathalie LE YONDRE and administered by a unified committee comprising two representatives from each member community :

- Jean-Jacques EROLES et Elisabeth MONTEIL-MACARD for La Teste de Buch Commune
- Laure CURVALE et Jean TOUZEAU for the Gironde District Council
- Vital BAUDE et Nathalie LE YONDRE for the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Council

The management of the Grand Site

Our mission :

• To ensure the preservation. management and enhancement of the Pilat dune Grand Site

• To implement a land acquisition policy

• To ensure a good reception and provide information to the public

•  To contribute to the region's economic, social and cultural development

If you would like more information, see the following document :

The Pilat dune is gradually resuming its place in the public sphere.

The Syndicat Mixte, in partnership with government services, the Coastal Conservation Authority, and the local authorities, carries out an extensive rehabilitation programme as part of  Opération Grand Site.

Approved by the State in June 2011, this general interest project aims to implement a sustainable management with a view to obtaining the « Grand Site de France » official label.

The framework agreement for the preservation of this symbolic heritage site of the Aquitaine landscape was signed at the Idune reception desk on November 12, 2012. This key document formalises the agreement between the Syndicat Mixte six main partners (State, Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, Gironde district, La Teste de Buch Commune, the Syndicat Intercommunal du Bassin d'Arcachon and the Coastal Conservation Authority), and constitutes a new step towards achieving this official label.

For this Operation Grand Site, the Syndicat Mixte is supported by a number of  partenaires organised in to two separate committees:
● An advisory Committee combining government services, the Coastal Conservation Authority, the Syndicat Intercommunal du Bassin d'Arcachon, the Botanical Academy, environmental protection associations, etc.
● A scientific Council made up of the Aquitaine Coast Monitoring Centre, archaeologists, geologists, naturalists and environmental education organisations, etc.

The management of the Grand Site

The management of the Grand Site


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