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High schools and universities

It will help high school and university students understand the significance of the evolution and preservation of the Pilat dune, as well as enhance the research work of their teachers.

High schools and universities

Pre-arranged visits

With the Syndicat Mixte de la Dune du Pilat :   

Depending on our availability, we can step in and introduce the students to the classified site and our mission within the management structure. We address all issues related to the Grand Sites, from landscape preservation to the connections between the people and the land. 
For any additional information or reservations, you can reach us on 05 56 22 81 22 or by e-mail at missionculture@ladunedupilat.com  

With a professional guide

Please contact the Grand Site professional guides if you wish to visit the Pilat dune with your pupils. They will take you on a journey in time from prehistory to the present day through the story of this unspoiled sand mountain. A journey full of discoveries awaits you... 

Duration : 1 hour
Place : reception area
Tariff :  €70 for 25 people

To check the availability of authorised Grand Site guides, and to get a quote, please contact them directly.  

Interpretive nature trail

This trail allows you to see the Grand Site in another light and immerses you in the forest’s ecosystem. The walk from the car park to the dune allows you to fully appreciate the surrounding nature.

Be guided by the various desks dotted along the trail showing the flora and fauna of the forest ; essential components of the Pilat Dune Grand Site.

Go to the brochure by clicking here.

Independent everyday access activity


Expériences scientifiques
Expériences scientifiques

Documentary resources

Do not hesitate to contact the Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune if you wish to organise a course or a field trip on the Pilat dune. Please let us know you are coming as some field trips may require an authorisation, readings, measurements, surveys, etc.

We can also help you with the preparation for your visit and assist with your students.

For any inquiries, you can reach us on 05 56 22 81 22 or by e-mail at  information@ladunedupilat.com
If your students are doing research or studies on the Pilat dune, they can contact us now on 05 56 22 81 22 or by email at missionculture@ladunedupilat.com

 Call 05 56 22 81 22 or send an e-mail to information@ladunedupilat.com

 The car park is free for schools regardless of where they are from.
 Entering the  reception area allows you to freely access the dune.


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